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What is the difference between ReynoArch Construction Chemical and other?

ReynoArch using best India’s technology and raw materials. Formulation customized it local weather and environments. Own R&D and concrete lab help striving for excellence.

What is construction Chemicals ?

Construction Chemicals are the fourth constituent ( with the exception of Cement Aggregates, Water, and Cement ) of the cementitious system. They can alter, reduce or eliminate the limitations of mortar and concrete.

Where can I use Construction Chemicals ?

Construction Chemicals are used on any construction site. Another part comprised of Construction Chemicals also can be employed in other systems of construction as well.

What is the best time to utilize Construction Chemicals ?

Construction Chemicals are used during construction, pre-construction as well as post-construction projects. They can also be utilized to reduce or eliminate various limitations in the cementations system of new construction. It is however necessary when it comes to renovation or repair work on old structures.

What does it cost ?

Costs of Construction Chemicals differ according to the requirements and specifics of the construction site. Since we all realize it is only Construction Chemicals can add value protection to construction , the price is within a reasonable limits.
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