Stone and Tile Adhesive for All Surface

MS polymer based, single component, highly flexible,

instant grab, fast setting waterproof tile adhesive.

Areas of Applications: This adhesive is suitable all types of tiles & stones, to be installed on all types of substrates in both dry & Damp surface, exterior / interior including elevation application.

Key Features:

  1. Single Component
  2. Multi substrate cohesion
  3. Non-Toxic
  4. Strong & Durable
  5. Quick Grab and Fast Curing


Application Instruction:

. Ensure the surface of substrate on which stone / tile is to be bonded is smooth & plumb, clean, dry, and free from any dust, oil & debris.

. Smear the back of the stone or tile with dabs on each corner and one in centre, preferably uniform layer. Ensure to cover at least 50% of the area of each piece. Recommended thickness of smear to be between 1mm and 3mm.

. Carefully position the adhesive coated stone / tile onto the surface of substrate, aligning it as desired. Apply gentle pressure to ensure proper contact and remove any excess adhesive.

. Allow the adhesive to cure for minimum 30 minutes for initial grab and 24 hours for obtaining full bond strength.

Additional Information:

Base:  MS Polymer

Consistency: Paste

Curing System: Moisture Cure

Hardness: 60+5 Shore A

Specific Gravity: 1.50 g/ml

Maximum Deformation: 20%

Elastic Recovery: >75%


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